Unisciti alla nostra rivoluzione scolastica

Agorà rivoluziona il modo di approcciarsi con l'ambiente scolastico. Come?


Your go-to application

Active integration with the school environment

Agorà descends from the cloud and becomes an integral part of the school environment

Extensive school network

The community is the backbone of Agorà.
Agorà by students for students

jaDedalo, our startup

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Il prototipo

Agorà is not just an idea.
Our team is made of IT students and this allows us to turn our ideas into reality

The work is the result of months of studying and coding. Among the most important features we have included there's messaging (through the integration with a Google database) and scanning of QR Codes which open the doors to all the features that distinguish Agorà such as downloading digital documents, interacting with the virtual bulletin boards, private chats and more.
In short, we are not sitting on our hands. Passion is our biggest trait, and we won't disappoint you.

QR-Code strategico
Scansione con il tuo smartphone

I QR Codes

Our system relies on use of QR Codes. They can contain any type of information. The possibilities are endless.

Imagine having QR Codes strategically positioned inside the school, in places such as a laboratory or a secretariat.

Normally a long and complex procedure is required to book a laboratory or to download a circular. With our app, once the QR code has been placed, it will be immediate and with total paper dematerialization. I will tell you more! Each student will be able to contact each other privately, with the opportunity to get to know each other, exchange notes and various materials. With our system, once the QR Code is framed, it will be immediate and with total paper dematerialization.

Il nostro network

Our customers are above all our companions, and this is the concept behind Agorà: An app developed by students, for students.
This scenario will be accentuated by the ability of students to share files, communicate and help each other.
The feeling of community that will be formed around Agorà will be its true backbone.
We make the information flow of your school accessible quickly and easily, to anyone.

La nostra startup

Agorà is the result of the work of the jaDedalo team, which with their determination enter the market.
JaDedalo took part in the "Enterprise in Action" competition, organized by JA ITALIA and recently earned the title of "Best Regional Enterprise", thus winning an entrance ticket for the national competition. We are honored and very happy that our commitment has been recognized.

The best is yet to come!


Albert Cerfeda

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I am the CEO of the startup jaDedalo. I've always been inspired to administrate a company and I'm sure that this is a unique opportunity to prove my dedication and to pass it on the whole team. My language skills in English and in German help strongly my team during the communication with people outside of this startup, also abroad.
Marketing & Finance

Filippo Giannoni

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I'm a member of the marketing department and I consider my oral and mediation skills may be highly useful for the whole team.
Marketing & Finance

Dario Biagioni

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Sempre ispirato al mondo marketing, penso che la mia dedizione e la mia preparazione in questo campo possa dare un contributo sostanziale a tutta la startup. Le mie doti linguistiche in spagnolo mi acconsentono di trovare maggiori informazioni e divulgarle a tutto il mio team.

Lorenzo Cruccu

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My knowledge in many different IT sectors and my charisma help the team to survive also during the worst periods by trying to find the best solution.

Alessandro Capialbi

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I belong to the development team and with the collaboration of my colleagues, I also take care to find the best way to communicate updates and to plan at best our projects that the development team deals with daily.

Federico Di Filitto

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I am a high school programmer and my language skills in English and Russian allows me to find the best information and to spread them with my team.

Where to find us

If you want to take a coffee with us or just swing by,
now you know where to find us!


Viale Adua 118, 51100 Pistoia


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